What’s your drama?!

The cost of drama in life. Ditching drama in life is a skillset just like being happy in life is a skillset. Happiness is a choice and suffering is optional. Some people think this is impossible but we have to remember that, engagement without accountability creates entitlement and happiness its not correlated to your circumstances its correlated to the amount of accountability you take for your circumstances.

How do you recapture time and sanity? Better yet let me ask you this, what are the sources of drama in your life?

Ego! The narrator in your head that you believe, who distorts your view on reality. How often does that voice seem to be too loud or over talkative? we get used to it and so ego keeps tugging away at us. Ego dictates our life and it doesn’t have to. Ego centered living causes more drama in life than we think.

So how do we start to live drama free, how can we recapture our life? Learn to go into self before reflecting out to others. No drama means more room for happiness! Some of the ways we can live drama free is by practicing mindfulness.
The practice of maintaining a non-judgmental state of heightened or complete awareness of one’s thoughts emotions or experience on a moment-to-moment basis. Basically being in the moment and not reacting to life. Mindfulness is letting go of taking things for granted. it may also mean to return to the present moment. Mindfulness is a self regulation of attention with an attitude of curiosity, openness, and acceptance. To be mindful is to observe all the self-centered fears and desires that arise within each moment and that are responsible for creating your imagined self-concept which you are bringing into every situation causing you to react mindlessly. When we practice being mindful the ego isn’t a burden.
Go for a walk in nature. Mediation is another great practice to silence the ego. Gratitude is another great gift to self. Most importantly don’t take yourself to seriously. Once you get into the routine of practicing mindfulness, gratitude and meditation you will notice that you have left plenty of room for happiness. Like I said it’s a skill set no different then your job.

Stay amazing!

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