Stress much?!

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Stress can be the greatest area of concern but at the same time used effectively can be the the launch area to the next level.

“It’s not the load that breaks you down, it’s the way you carry it.”
― Lou Holtz

Stress is something we all experience in life  but how we manage, handle and deal with it makes all the difference in our mental and physical well being.

What are your greatest causes of stress i life?

The top 4 sources of stress are, money, work, family responsibilities and health concerns. Major life transitions like divorce, financial set backs, death, even family gatherings, promotions,  new relationships can be causes of stress.

At work, the most common causes of stress are their boss, work place stress negatively affects their relationships, some even loose sleep to work stress. People have just quit their jobs cause its just to much to deal with stress wise.

Lets look at how stress works, the key elements are your achievements. If you reflect on happy times or success moments I’m sure there is little stress involved in those moments. There is a positive side in everything even stress. Intermittent levels of stress can actually increase of attention, our passion, interest and  performance. When that stress becomes continuous it can lead to depression, burn out and melt downs. The key is to be able to manage our stress and not be controlled by it.

how to deal with it…

How we think and perceive stress, if we think stress  is bad then guess what? When we feel it which is natural, we automatically put ourselves into panic mode but if we learn to see it as some stress can be positive, if we allow us to be focused, it can change it totally. our attitudes and perception is what makes a difference.

people who are less stressed out are more likely to be less overwhelm when big situations in life happen.

Unrealistic expectations are another big one, no one is perfect! If you expect to do everything right the first time or all the time your destined to feel stressed when things don’t go as you expected. Recognize that no plan ever goes as planned is so refreshing, be mentally prepared for change, know that things are changing is actually the normal rule.

Be grateful for what is going right in your life. Appreciate all that you have, when you do that it actually boosts your mood by reducing your stress hormone cortisol by 23%. Keep a list of 3 things you are grateful for everyday, you will experience an improvement in your energy, your over all well being and  your mood. Before you go to bed ask yourself again what your grateful for. It will help you sleep better at night.

Pick your battles! we are always trying to win every single battle, every single issue, this so causes stress! We want to be right and seen as right every single time and this desire  blocks us from happiness, which increases stress as we always feel like we are in a fight. Focus on the big challenges is the way successful people handle it. Alot of stuff can be let go and forgotten, if we decide to focus on the big things that have the biggest impact.

Redefine your relationship with stress specially if your relationship with stress now is, causing you pain, you don’t like it, and you wish you never had it. Those thoughts alone are what stop us from our growth and greatest potential. It doesn’t let us use stress and engage it in our lives. Stress is gonna be something that naturally arises in so many different situations, and we don’t learn how to manage it, it will manage us! when stress manages us we never go to a good place.


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