Complaining Vs. Venting

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I-hate-complainingSometimes we need to articulate whats going on in our lives with other people, venting. Venting is when you take a negative situation you’re experiencing and you talk about it with someone else with the hopes that maybe can lend you to some insight or some advice, finding the solution to change it ( Contained ). Venting is the opportunity to let off some steam, take the edge off of yourself to think clearly again about the situation, also you share a part of yourself. Repeatedly venting about the same thing is now complaining. Complaining is when you are going thru a hard time and you’re talking about how much you hate it and how it never changes, not looking for a solution but just rehashing it over and over again. Complaining is when you are also bitching about everyone else.

3 options for situations in life we dont like…

  1. Change the situation!
  2. Change the way we think about the situation.
  3. Leave the situation

When venting, the ventor will do one of the three options above. The complainer will just state the same thing over and over again, downloading their negativity on to you with no change.

Is fire good or bad? Fire will heat up a building but also destroy a building.  The difference is whether or not its contained. When people come in with emotions is there any bad emotions? no its how it is used! Accountable people know how to contain their feelings.

PEOPLE LOVE TO COMPLAIN AND GET REINFORCED FOR COMPLAINING! What if i told you that complaining is almost like an addiction? you get almost like a high from it specially when people join in on the misery train.

BALANCE! support and demand! You never want to support someone when they need to be pushed, and you dont want to push someone who needs to be supported.

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