Spiritual Awakening, What?

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So im asked alot what is it and how do you know if you are having one? It looks different for everyone but here are the basic stages and what they may look like.

Stage 1: The wake up call!

Chaos- Life changing events like death, near death, serious health issues, relationships ending, painful events that ego has no control over.

Spontaneously- Not triggered by pain or suffering. Pain free and completely random.

Questions start like, there has to be more to life than this.

Stage 2: Bliss!

usually comes after but not always after your wake up call. You feel connected, you feel alive. You feel excited about life, xtc like high. The heart is starting to awaken and thats why you are feeling all these beautiful emotions. It doesnt last long! New talents or gifts may show up during this stage also.

Stage 3: The great Purge!

Things that need healing and releasing in this life time, or past life times. The great purge of the ego we can feel depression, despair, anxiety, lost, no direction, can feel like we are dying and we are in a sense. Our old selves, the old you before the wake up call. Your biology is changing even your energy. Not everyone goes through this and some go through it more than others and more than once.

Stage 4: The void!

Life just stops or you come to a place of no mans land because the purge is over. You’ve purged all the old stuff and you are now in between your old life and your new life. Your old energy and your new energy, your old self and now your new self. The void is a place where alot of times we feel lost and we feel alot anxiety. Rest, relax, reset, deep peace.

Stage 5: Groundedness!

Stability! Grounded like a tree. You feel all the growth and the lightness. We become spiritually and emotionally mature. We are ready to hold the lessons and the energy of our spiritual awakening in everyday life. There is no need to run away from dull energies or negative things. We are no longer sensitive flowers. We feel very strong and grounded in ourselves and our experiences.

-Energy becomes powerful, we are better manifesters.

– You start to feel this bliss stage again but more intensly. Connected, oneness, understanding.

Stage 6: Purpose & Mission!

Living your life purpose with confidence in your heart. No longer influenced by anything or anyone that happens in your life, you will no longer let any of life circumstances or challenges sway your path.

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