At some point you need to write this letter.

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At some point in life you are going to write yourself a letter but at what point in life do you do that? Its not an age but point in your life. What that point is only you will know.
People come and go in our lives and their words are always remembered. Words of encouragement, compliments, recognition, wisdom, comedy, sentimental, advice. What words do we say to ourselves that hold the same weight as others have said? I think its time to find out…
What if we wrote our own love to ourselves in that letter? What is it that you need to hear? What is it forgot? What advice do you need? At what point in your life do you need this letter?
Maybe you just need a personalized letter every 5 or 10 yrs?
Do you need to take time to get to know yourself again? Introduce yourself through pen and paper snailmail style!
This is one of the best self love things you could ever do for yourself!

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